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how mama got her boobs back

I remember saying I was only going to breastfeed for a year. Then another year passed. And then, almost three. I know. Last summer my daughter and I finally stopped. Not an easy feat. Hardest goddamn thing I ever did. One, day I sat my daughter on the kitchen counter and I told her, “I can’t […]

Zella signing "Dad."

Is Baby Sign Language Worth It?

I heard about sign language for babies, back when my daughter was 6 months old. I thought this was ridiculous. Like…who has the time? And it seemed cheesy too. If you know me. I’m rebellious. I don’t follow the herd. But, I ended up doing out of human curiosity. Yes, that’s right. I used my daughter […]

Photo: Alexandra Seneit

I need a break

I’ve teamed up with Chobani Greek Yogurt. They’re launching a campaign: #breakyoumake this month to promote Chobani Flips. Part of the campaign is to recognize people who truly need a break. The winner gets a bunch of Chobani Flips and the blog post featured on: This is my blog nomination: Everyone deserves a break — […]